This Weeks theme is DIPTYCH.
A Diptych is either a painting or piece of Art made of two parts, So I thought I would use this as this weeks theme look forward to seeing your 3″ x 5″ creations.


27 responses to “DIPTYCH

  1. this is lovely Sarah. like the way you’ve joined them together. I’ve just looked up the pronounciation and in case anyone (like me!) doesn’t know it’s diptik!

  2. Great challenge – this is my effort to contribute on it… ;o)
    And your card, dear Sarah, is such a gordeous one – I love it….

  3. Ok, I forgot the link to my card, sorry for that…


    Thanks for looking – yours, Heike ;o)

  4. Here is my entry for this week, it was a fun challenge

  5. Oh my gosh. First I hadn’t heard of a diptych, so thanks for the heads up on what it is…And second, I had so much fun doing this, I want to make many more. You got my wheels turning today! (I needed that!)ok, here is mine:

  6. Sarah, Your’s is adorable…
    Simply wonderful!

  7. My first skinny … I like it…thank you for the challenge!

    And here is my diptych:


    Greetings, Petra

  8. I just published my diptych skinny at http://art-interrupted.blogspot.com/. Have a great weekend everyone!

  9. Great challenge, here’s my entry.

  10. Love this challenge!!!

    Here’s mine:


    Hope you like it!!!


  11. Here I am… a bit silly I know:
    Monkey Business

  12. What a great challenge. Here is my Diptych.

  13. My cards to this weeks theme DIPTYCHhttp://anmaha.vuodatus.net/blog/946969

  14. Nancy Maxwell James

    this was such a fun and different challenge!
    here is my piece…

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