Dream A Little Dream


Sorry for the Lateness In posting this weeks theme back at work today……..

This weeks Theme is DREAM. Look forward to seeing your Skinny creations.


19 responses to “Dream A Little Dream

  1. Sarah, this is a wonderful theme. Here is my skinny. Thanks for looking.


  2. Hi girls, here is my first entry on Skinny Saturday. I hope, you’ll enjoy it ..


  3. thought I would get in early for a change

  4. I’m doing a happy-dance because I’m on time! I posted today’s Skinny and the last two I missed.


  5. Hi Sarah,

    Here’s mine. Very fun theme to illustrate!

  6. here is my entry
    <a href=”http://zoiy.blogspot.com/2007/12/skinny-dream.html”skinny dream

  7. Missed last weeks theme… So I made both themes this week. You can see them here:



  8. Hi, here is my first entry on skinny saturday.

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