This Weeks theme is Birds created and chosen by Donna, check out her blog here. Look forward to seeing your creations.


38 responses to “Birds

  1. This is so beautiful.

  2. Hiya!! Don’t laugh… here’s mine!! Off to look at the real thing!

  3. Here are my skinny birds on my blog. Catch them before they fly away!
    Thanks for looking
    Love Cynthia x

  4. kreativgeschwafel

    Birds are always a wonderful theme.
    Here’s my skinny:

  5. Not a subject I normally attempt but I really enjoyed this! Great theme Donna, Thanks so much.

  6. Everyone’s work is beautiful. I try to leave individual messages, but with my recent hand surgery, I’m going to just leave a group one this time. I’m just so happy to be back to crafting. Here’s my entry —

  7. Here is my first Skinny Saturday Challenge.

  8. Here is my first skinny!

  9. Sorry for being tardy, I am still in holiday hangovers.

    Here is my entry for this week

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  11. Hi, Here is my effort

  12. Here is my 1st skinny ever. Thank you for such a wonderful theme to start off with, and I look forward to the next theme..

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