This week theme is set by Nellie. Its Travel.

“I like to travel the world. Not only in real, but in my artwork too. Hope you’ll take us all over the world this week with your skinnies using travel as a theme.”



30 responses to “Travel

  1. that is so cute Nellie!

  2. kreativgeschwafel

    Wonderful theme, Nellie … thanks for that!
    Here’s my entry … I’m travelling to Roma 😉
    Thanks for looking!

  3. Wow Nellie, thanks fir this great Theme. Here is my Skinny. Thanks for looking.

  4. Beautiful Nellie, that is what I have been doing this last week Traveling and just got home yesterday. I would have loved to take this challenge but time is not with me right now. Your skinny is wonderful.

  5. Here is my travel skinny to France. Lovely challenge thank you.
    Thanks for viewing too
    (I seem to be missed off your blogroll too.)
    Love Cynthia

  6. stunning…perfect collage.

  7. Here is my offering ~

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  9. My Skinny will be a tag for an altered book project I am working on.

  10. Hello – this is my first time at Skinny Saturday. I love this theme.
    Because this week is Chinese New Year I decided to travel to China!

    Thanks for looking,

  11. Fabulous theme, of course we had to travel Paris. Here is mine and of course my 6 yr old daughters who has become an obessed Skinny Saturday fan.

  12. Here’s my entry for this week’s challenge…

    Thanks for looking!


  13. Travel was an excellent theme, Nellie. Here’s my entry, a few days late —

  14. Nice theme!!! Here is my skinny:

    End of the holiday-Last dance in the big city

  15. This is my Travel Skinny.

    Thank you I have enjoyed the journey :o)

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