This weeks themes………

  I thought it would be fun this week to have two themes. So………

 Our first theme is set by Mandy and is Sisters.


         Our next theme is Set by Wil  and is Vintage Bride.                              


Hope you enjoy this weeks themes…feel free to create 1 or both themes. Look forward to seeing your skinny creations.

47 responses to “This weeks themes………

  1. Love these fun challenges!!! I made a skinny with Sisters. Hope you like it!!



  2. So Ladies, what a fun this week. I started with a Skinny “Sisters” and now I´m going to look for a vintage bride to participate on your second challenge too… *lol*

    This is my Sister-Skinny… Thanks so much for looking ;o)

    Heike ;o)

  3. great! two challenges, I made the vintage bride, maybe later I’ll make the sisters.

  4. here is my first skinny card

  5. Here is my skinny “sisters”

  6. So here is my Vintage Bride – thanks for this brilliant challenge… ;o)

    Thanks so much for looking,
    Heike ;o)

  7. I was looking through some images and saw these and just knew I had to do a Sisters Skinny.
    Here it is:

  8. I made a big skinny because I did not know the translation! Thank you Wil, your subject is magnificent (it is the mariaige of my patrents big)! But I certainly to work also on the sisters!
    my entry :

  9. both theme are beautiful

    here are my skinny

  10. Here are mine~ such fun!
    I am going to look at everyone’s entries this evening, must do laundry!

  11. Here’s my skinny. Great theme, Mandy!

    A Sister

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  13. It has taken me awhile to settle down after a little vacation. Here is my Sisters Skinny. Can’t wait to see everyone’s creations. I’ve missed the challenges!

  14. dutchstamptramp

    I chose the sister theme to work with.
    Here is my entry


    Dit is mijn bijdrage voor deze week
    skinny sisters ,
    This is my small sister and my.
    1944 .

  16. Here are my entries for this week’s challenge. Thank you for keeping my Muse busy!

  17. Whew….two challenges this week!! They were great ones. Here are my two skinnies.

  18. Here are my 2 skinnys! Thank you for the challenge!

  19. I could not decide, so I made both.

  20. Hello, a bit late… but here I am, I decided for sisters:

  21. I am so late this week – but here is my version of “sisters”

  22. hello sarah,
    i have never heard of skinny’s before but hope i can remember where i found your blog and come do a skinny saturday challenge one day.

    chriss x an addicted ATC’er

  23. I posted my entries today, along with a really late one from Feb. 16/Growing Old. Can’t wait to see everyone’s (later this evening). Here’s mine:

  24. My apologies for being so late with this but I have had computer problems this week.

    Here is my first ever entry …

    Thanks for looking. 🙂

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