Women at Work


This weeks theme is set by Femmy.

My theme for this Saturday will be: Women at work.
I think most of us dreamt of having a career when we were young(er). Maybe of becoming a moviestar, a doctor,teacher or being a housewife. Did your dreams of a career work out, or ??  Look forward to seeing your skinny creations……….

34 responses to “Women at Work

  1. kreativgeschwafel

    Wonderful theme … here comes a really hard working woman:

  2. Great theme, here is my entry: http://herminesplace.wordpress.com/2008/03/22/skinny-saterday-woman-at-work/
    Warm regards and a happy easter.

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  4. here is my woman at work 4http://stempelreich.myblog.de/stempelreich/art/5860450/Woman_at_work

    thanks for looking 🙂

  5. here’s mine. i twisted the theme a bit.

    A Woman's Work is Never Done

  6. Here’s my ‘Women at Work’ skinny. This was the first skinny I’ve made. Lots of fun, thanks for the challenge!

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  8. Here’s my entry for this week:


    Greetzzz from


    Have a nice easter!!!!!!

  9. Here is my crazy little contribution, thanks for all your visits!!

  10. Das Thema ist wunderschön!
    Hier ist meine Karte!
    Schöne Ostertage!

  11. My Skinny for this weeks Theme.
    Thanks to Femmy for a nice challange.


  12. Here is mine! Thank you for the challenge


  13. Great theme! I posted mine this morning — http://art-interrupted.blogspot.com/.

  14. Dit is mijn bijdrage .
    mijn liefste beroep is moeder .
    dus is dit mijn bijdrage .


  15. this is my skinny…my very first one too


  16. This is my first Skinny and first challenge

  17. Great theme – mine is uploaded. Thanks.

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