Thank you Everyone

Hello All

I hope you have enjoyed all the challenges here. I know I have,  A BIG THANK YOU to all the Challenge Hosts and everyone else for contributing to all the themes.  I currently have some new ventures to undertake and I will be so busy with these. I will keep the site open for reference. Please keep in touch.

Thank you

Huge Hugs Sarah xx

26 responses to “Thank you Everyone

  1. Hi Sarah,
    thanks for all the challenges you allowed us to play!! you had great themes and I enjoyed playing!!! look forward seeing you again on this blog!!
    big hug Femmy

  2. Hi Sarah
    Good luck with your new ventures!

    Marie xx

  3. Good luck on your new adventures…I’m going to miss this.

  4. Good luck with new ventures . . . I’m also going to miss this alot because last challenge was my first . . .

  5. I’m going to miss these challenges. I was looking forward to a new theme and to find out that there wouldn’t be any more is really disappointing, but I wish you all the best in your new ventures.

  6. Oh, Sarah,
    Will miss this challenge.

  7. oohh its such a shame id not realised last one would be the last

  8. Good luck to you!

  9. Sarah~
    Much luck in your new happenings. I have love making skinny’s and seeing them offered. I will miss making them too.

  10. Sarah, best of luck with your new ventures. Thanks for introducing me to the world of Skinnys – it’ll be great if you come back again, but thanks for all your hard work and that of your hosts.
    xoxoxo Rosie

  11. Best wishes to you, thank you for allowing so many to grow so much 🙂

  12. Best wishes and a BIG thank you for leading me into the world of Skinny’s xxxxxx

  13. Thank you for everything, Sarah! I have a special fondness for this site – – it was one of the first challenges I tried after starting my blog. You will be missed! I’m going to leave your wonderful little Skinny Saturday badge-link on my blog as a tribute! All the very best to you in all you do!! And thanks again for all the happy Saturdays you’ve given us all!!

  14. Sarah, thanks for the challenges,
    best wishes to you. 🙂

  15. if no one objects and maybe until sarah wishes to like to host a few skinny challenges…will look into a blog tomorrow..will keep you posted

  16. Good luck, Sarah! This site will definitely be missed. I have so enjoyed participating in these challenges. We’ll keep in touch! When you’re ready to start up Skinny Saturday again, I’ll be here.

  17. Thank you and good luck!
    I hope you’ll continue with this one someday.

  18. Ich werde diese Challenge vermissen!
    ich wünsche alles Gute!

  19. Thank you for this time and happy time with your new challenges. May be at one time we meet again, I hope so.

  20. Thanks for the great challenges, you will be missed!!! I understand life happens!!!

  21. Sarah, thanks for all the wonderful challenges and introducing me into the world of Skinnys. I wish you all the best for your new ventures !

  22. Sarah ~ thank you for all the time and energy you put into Skinny Saturday. I enjoyed each and every time I got to play, always lots of fun.
    * Brightest of Blessings to you and yours *

  23. I’ve enjoyed watching this blog!

    For anyone still looking for a challenge, please check out Make It Mondays at Go Make Something. Each week, a challenge theme is posted—and you can make whatever you choose, including skinnies.

  24. Sarah, Thank you for hosting Skinny Saturday! I’d never made or even heard of skinnys before participating in your fun blog challenges. Besides enjoying the process and social aspects, I also ended up with lots of joyful artwork in my studio!
    I made so many friends that I didn’t want to see it end, so as you know I’m opening a new Saturday Challenge Blog April 19,2008! Thank you for your endorsement. I ‘m so glad you’ll join us! See you there!

  25. Happy birthday to you…Happy birthday to you..Happy 30th birthday to S A R A H!…Happy Birthday to youuuu!!

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