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Love is in the Air………



I thought with it being Valentines Day soon…..I have chosen  LOVE as our theme. A Mother’s Love, the love of Chocolate…..please interpret the theme any way you like. Look forward to seeing your Skinny Creations.

Travel Samples


Would you please leave your link here to your blog  and I will add you to the blogroll thanks Sarah xx


This week theme is set by Nellie. Its Travel.

“I like to travel the world. Not only in real, but in my artwork too. Hope you’ll take us all over the world this week with your skinnies using travel as a theme.”


Edit to say………


 Thanks for all the support for this challenge blog. I will be taking a break from skinny Saturday for a short while…but will leave you with your Hostess for a while Nellie van Leeuwen. Please check back here Tomorrow for your new theme…….

Hugs Sarah xx



Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while and leave footprints on our hearts. And we are never, ever the same.– Anonymous

This weeks theme is Friendship!!! Look forward to seeing you skinny creations

Pierrott Sampler

Thanks to everyone who took part in the Challenge. I loved seeing all your wonderful skinny creations.


This Weeks Challenge is Pierrots. Look forward to seeing your creations. Go create your Skinny….


Birds sampler





Hope you all enjoyed this great theme Here are a few samples,



This Weeks theme is Birds created and chosen by Donna, check out her blog here. Look forward to seeing your creations.